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Antonia & Catalina Dudka - Gluten Free Jam & More
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All-Natural Gourmet Jelly & Much More

Caramoomel creations are delicious dishes inspired by heritage recipes we have served at our family’s table for generations. From Europe to South America and now Canada, our family has trekked far and wide over time, and in each generation we have carried on our tradition of toiling the soil and growing food.
A wonderful benefit from all the travel has been the exposure to all sorts of flavours and foodstuffs which became a part of our palate, a palate that has inspired many a scrumptious recipe. And in the best farming tradition these recipes have been passed down between mother and daughter. For the last twenty years Caramoomel is how we have been sharing our favourites with the world.
Items such as Apple ButterVeggie CaviarDulce de Leche Caramel, and Last Rites Hot Sauce are just a few of the traditional goodies on our customers’ most-wanted list. Wine Lovers Dark Chocolate Sauce with Merlot, Raspberry Chocolate Caramel Fondue Spread and Hot Garlic Pepper Wine Jelly are some of the new classics we have created from scratch. Our customers also love our gourmet jellygluten free jam, and other homemade jams and jellies.
Whether our products come from time-honoured recipes or brand-new ideas, we make this pledge: fruits and vegetables grown on our farm in Kelowna, BC, Canada, award-winning Okanagan Wines, pure 100% Canadian milk, the highest-quality chocolate & spices--these are our ingredients.
Find the spreads and sauces you will love to taste again and again as well as share with friends and family. We are passionate about creating the most enjoyable products using fruits and vegetables grown right on our own farm.
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